Our fish

         Recently the Company started production of salted, dried and smoked fish.

For that end on the territory of wholesale store "Evrotek" in Lviv we opened a fish production facility with new modern equipment that delivers quality fish products to all of the Company's chains in the West, South and North of Ukraine: Arsen, Fresh, Soyuz and Kvartal.

In our production, we apply modern technologies that ensure maximum preservation of useful properties of fish in finished products.

For example, we do not use liquid smoke to make smoked fish, or artificial flavors and flavor enhancers for salting.

But the fish is smoked on the firewood, and the salt fish is flavored with the natural seasoning and spices.

That’s why our fish is so tasty, healthy and is to everyone’s taste.

Our priority is to provide our buyers with a fresh, wholesome fish.