Solemn closure of project Powerful start in big business

   June 9th there was solemn closure of great vocational and educational project  “Powerful start in big business” of the Group of Companies “Eurotek” and Ivan Franko National University of Lviv with participation of City Mayor Andriy Sadovyj at Mirror Hall of National University of Lviv.

   The program was initiated and put into action with the collaboration between The “Evrotek” Group of Companies and Ivan Franko  National University of Lviv for the purpose of supporting Ukrainian education and young people nowadays.

    “Powerful start in big business” got started in April this year. Within the framework of the project, the students will take part in interesting tests and business games, lectures, practical classes and trainings, which will be conducted by the leading specialists of “Eurotek”. Also they got a possibility to consolidate theoretical knowledge on practice session at the company’s departments. Based on the results of the internship, students prepared research papers that were evaluated by a professional jury. The winners got valuable prizes, also they  got employment opportunity in the Company "Evrotek", their "Powerful start in big business"!

   Chancellor of  Ivan Franko  National University of Lviv Volodymyr Melnyk said, that he really appreciate the possibilities  given to students through collaborating between organizations.

   “We have to respond to time challenge, when we study the future specialists. So we need improve our educational system, make it closer to practice.”- said Chancellor Volodymyr Melnyk.

   We want to demonstrate to college kids, that you can get decent working conditions in Ukraine and to live up to potential", mentioned Igor Novostavsky, Deputy Director General of GK “Eurotech”.

   City Mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyj, Chancellor of  Ivan Franko  National University of Lviv Volodymyr Melnyk, Deputy General Director of Company “Alyans Market”  Ihor Novostavskiy, Dean of the Economics Faculty Rostyslav Myhajlyshyn took  part in award ceremony.